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The practice of acupuncture is just one of the integrated modalities of treatment in TCM and our practice at Palm Beach Acupuncture. This practice which has maintained popularity over thousands of years, establishes Meridians as pathways linking acupuncture points that roughly correspond to the dermatomes and myotomes in neurology, as well as the patterns of referred pain from organ pathology familiar to the medical community.

When these points are stimulated with needle insertion, a cascade effect is set in motion which influences various systems including but not limited to the nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system to attain the desired regulation and restoration of optimal function.
Similar to a sprinkler system to a garden, the body is constantly working very efficiently to supply the right amount of water, blood, and different nutrients to cells across the body. It is in the obstruction of this supply from injury or dysfunction of any of the systems within our bodies that the origin of dis-ease, pain or illness originates from.