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We partner with you to:


It is not unusual for us to sit with individuals that have exhausted other options in a long-drawn search to deal with their particular health concerns. Many people confess to having forgotten how it feels to feel their body functioning optimally. The fact that a plan can be established and results follow, is no less than life-enhancing for a lot of people.


A big component of what we do is help and support a range of painful conditions from fibromyalgia to back pain; menstrual cramps to headaches and more. We understand no two pain conditions are alike: that’s why we tailor each of our treatments to get to the root of your concerns, and offer long-lasting relief.


Through a variety of above standard lab diagnostic tests and interventions, the integration of specialty lab testing aims to get to the “why” of a condition and provides our patients with biomedical diagnostic tools that make available measurable and trackable goals along with the biggest evidence of change, how they feel.


Our team draws on a variety of modalities to open, balance & align your body. When your energy moves, everything in your system moves, and you can experience higher levels of wellbeing.

We are a holistic primary care practice in Palm Beach County. We partner with you in the effort of restoring, maintaining, optimizing, and meeting your individual goals through the use of an integrative model of care. We provide healing-oriented medicine that takes into account all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease, including all aspects of lifestyle. Our therapies are rooted in thousands of years of medicine, informed by evidence, and emphasize the therapeutic relationship between physician and patient. We aim to provide effective interventions that are natural, non-pharmacological, and less invasive first.

Our Amazing Team of Specialists

Chaas Gantt

Founder, lead physician, functional medicine practitioner & herbalist

María Virginia Gantt

Director of operations & brand development, physician & herbalist, childbirth educator, doula, and founder of Carry Vida (Comprehensive reproductive wellness)

Pickens Gantt MD FACOG

Medical director, OBGYN, Reproductive Endocrinology specialist, lead Regenerative Medicine physician

Dian Gantt NP, CNA

Nurse anesthetist, Reproductive Endocrinology & Regenerative Medicine specialist.

Melissa Mullins

Lead Functional Medicine practitioner and Functional nutritionist.

Cameron Bishop

Grandfather founder of PBA, Japanese-style acupuncture physician, and professor.

Daniel Lewis

Japanese-style acupuncture physician and herbalist.

Crystal Rogers

Front Desk Manager

Danica Dedasi

Patient Services & Operations Assistant

Our team offers a unique combination of care rooted in Eastern Medicine, Functional Medicine, comprehensive and specialty lab testing, and Cellular Regenerative Medicine approaches that are tailored to your needs and preferences. Our services provide the people we serve with effective, comprehensive, and meaningful results.